Demands for the content associated with clinical work of this pupil. The part regarding the manager

Demands for the content associated with clinical work of this pupil. The part regarding the manager

The requirements for evaluating pupil research

1. The therapy for the study. It is necessary that even if utilizing the systemic and integration approaches, it ought to be a work with therapy, without a clear bias in management generally, advertising, pedagogy, legislation, philology, etc.

2. The degree of relevance and practical importance of the investigation dilemmas.

3. The degree of elaboration of theoretical product: overview of the literary works, comprehensively showing the developments of domestic and international experts with this topic. Not just the literature referencing is welcomed, but in addition analysis, contrast and benchmarking the various views of boffins, on such basis as that your student formulates the writer’s place.

4. The connection between theoretical and material that is empirical. Relevance of the investigation susceptible to its content.

5. collection of diagnostic tools and research sample.

6. The amount of research results.

7. The standard of interpretation of research results (level of analysis).

8. The standard of suggestions distributed by the pupil potential audience.

9. Quality of work’s design.

10. The amount of research’s independence. The research should always be carried out because of the pupil separately, using the participation of other people just as topics or experts. Duplication and copying of studies carried out by other writers (plagiarism) is strictly forbidden. The current presence of aspects of Independent creativity that is scientific the formulation and reason of their very own method of solving the debatable problems regarding the concept and training of therapy, the separate nature of this presentation for the product additionally the formula of conclusions on the basis of the outcomes of the study are valued.

11. imaginative approach. You can find subjects which are examined in various combinations by pupils from year to 12 months – they’re not valued. An interesting subject is respected, the choice of revolutionary techniques, writer’s techniques and just about every other manifestation of imagination.

Work could be considered unsatisfactory by the after criteria.

1. scientific studies are maybe perhaps maybe not mental.

2. The research subject will not match its content.

3. The study had not been carried out or partially carried out. Its email address details are perhaps not prepared or partially prepared. Its answers are prepared, yet not interpreted, or partially interpreted. The theoretical component will not match the empirical.

4. The text for the work will not meet with the demands associated with design best custom essay websites tradition: there are a great number of spelling errors, the writing is not modified, sloppy created.

5. The research is the full or partial plagiarism. In the event that term paper is thought to be unsatisfactory, it really is came back towards the pupil for modification.

In the event that pupil would not pass the initial protection or even the commission discovered the task unsatisfactory, the pupil just isn’t permitted to protect and it is expelled through the college..

Duties regarding the supervisor of term and last qualifying work

Prior to the theme associated with the term paper or FQW (last qualifying work) manager:

– provides the pupil an activity to get ready for a phrase paper or even a thesis, assists the pupil within the growth of a calendar working arrangements for your amount of the FQW;

– advises to your pupil the mandatory fundamental literary works along with other sources regarding the theme;

– suggests the pupil regarding the range of diagnostic tools and drawing up an arrange for empirical research

– recommends the student from the company associated with research

– suggests the pupil from the processing and interpretation of empirical research outcomes

– checks the job in parts so that as a entire.

– For FQW writes review to get results and recommends the reviewer. The reviewer is preparing overview of the task.

Dates and time of consultations are appointed because of the manager or even the mind associated with division. Attention! In the event that pupil would not meet with the due dates set apart by the dean’s workplace for term paper or FQW, the manager has got the right not to ever provide good advice.

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